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With strong capabilities in technology introduction, Genertec has been actively engaged in M&A with relevant enterprises and research institutes. While acquiring overseas advanced technical enterprises, Genertec has formed strong independent innovation capabilities and become technical pillar in the industry through technical introduction, digestion and innovation.
Famous Enterprise in Automobile Technology R&D ,Testing and Appraisal
China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., is an important base and technical pillar for products development, experiment, research, quality test and industrialization of scientific and technical payoffs in Chinese automobile industry and boasts of R&D capabilities of complete commercial vehicle and its spare parts and experiment and testing capabilities of complete automobile, motorcycle and their spare parts.
Overseas Employees of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co.,Ltd. Completing Calibration Experiment on Alternative Energy Automobile Engine
Biggest Comprehensive R&D Institute in Textile Industry
Postdoctoral Centre for R&D and Innovation Established by China Textile Academy
China Textile Academy is the biggest comprehensive R&D institute and high-tech enterprise group in China's textile industry. The National Engineering Research Center of Industrial Textile, the National Engineering Research Center of Synthetic Fiber, Productivity Promotion Center of Textile Industry, China National Textiles Quality Supervision Testing Center and Standardization Institute of Textile Industry of China are all affiliated to China Textile Academy.
Largest Comprehensive Technology R&D Institute in Machine Tool Industry
Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute is the largest comprehensive technology R&D institute in machine tool industry, taking the lead in the research of precision and super-precision manufacturing technology and equipment. With 2 national research centers and 7 investment entities, the institute is researching and manufacturing precision and super-precision machine tool products, providing public technical services for the machine tool industry and equipment support for the high and fine manufacturing of key spare parts in China’s sophisticated and pillar industries such as aviation, space, automobile and electronics.
JIG630 Horizontal Jig Boring Machining Center,developed successfully by Beijing Precision Machinery & Engineering Research Co., Ltd, affiliated to Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute.
Top Calss Coal Industry Exploration & Design Consulting Service Provider
Jining Third Colliery,Designed by Coal Industry Jinan Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,Won First Award of Outstanding Engineering Design in Coal Industry,Gold Award of National Outstanding Engineering Design and China State Construction Engineering Luban Award
Coal Industry Jinan Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., is a top class survey and design enterprise specialized in coal industry exploration & design. The enterprise holds thirteen Grade A qualification, including engineering consulting, design in coal and construction industry, engineering investigation, safety appraisal, specific design of protection and control of environmental pollution, etc., having made important contribution to the development of China's coal industry.
Major Force in Urban Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering Consultancy
Genertec Consulting Co., Ltd., offers customer-tailored, market-driven and one-station consulting services to the clients. The company has accumulated rich consulting experiences in water affairs, solid waste, heat supply, gas and other municipal environmental affairs and made remarkable achievements in railway transportation, CDM, international financial organization, urban information consulting and etc. The company provides one-package solution in policy consulting, technical diagnosis, financing, industrialization implementation and etc.
Gaobeidian Wastewater Treatment Plant Project of Beijing Drainage Group Undertaken by Genertec Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Backbone of Chinese Environment Industrial Investment
Celebration Ceremony for the Establishment of Genertec(Beijing) Investment and Fund Management Corp. & Kick-off Ceremony of Genertec Environment Industry Fund
Genertec (Beijing) Investment Fund Management Corp., is an equity fund management enterprise initiated by Genertec, actively participating in the reform of Chinese environmental investment and financing, dedicated to building a bridge between environmental industry and social capital, connecting national strategy with market principles and balancing social responsibilities and market returns. The first environment industry fund in China, initiated by the company with initial fund volume of 2 billion RMB and 300 million USD, is specialized in operational projects and equity investment in enterprises with high growth potential in water industry, solid waste treatment, renewable energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc.