Picture News
On December 8th, 2016, Genertec Chairman Xu Xianping attended the commencement and mobilization ceremony of Xi’an Jiaotong University 1st affiliated hospital project, a cooperative construction project undertaken by Universal Medical and Xi’an Jiaotong University 1st affiliated hospital.
In the afternoon of December 6th, 2016, Genertec and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) head office held the signing ceremony for their Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement. Genertec Chairman Xu Xianping and ICBC Chairman Yi Huiman attended the ceremony. Genertec President Li Dang and ICBC President Gu Shu signed the agreement, representing the two sides respectively.
In the afternoon of November 27th, 2016, Xu Xianping, Chairman of the board of directors of Genertec, met with Wang Junzheng, member of CPC Standing Committee of Jilin Province and Secretary of CPC Committee of Changchun municipality, and his delegation in Genertec Plaza.
From November 12 to 13, 2016, Xu Xianping, Secretary of the Party Group of Genertec and Chairman of the board of directors of Genertec, and Liu Dashan, Vice Secretary of the Party Group of Genertec and Vice President of Genertec, spent their weekend touring to Shangdu County and Wuchuan County in Inner Mongolia, Genertec’s Poverty Alleviation Partner Counties. Xu and his delegation visited relevant enterprises and poverty alleviation projects, and Shangdu County Genertec Primary School, a project sponsored by Genertec, and Wuchuan County Genertec Vocational School, a project co-sponsored by Genertec and the county government.
In the morning of November 7th, 2016, Li Dang, President of Genertec, met with Xie Ru, Vice Governor of Jiangxi Province, and her delegation in Genertec Plaza. The two sides had in-depth discussion on cooperation in relevant fields.
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